Camellia Week 2024 – Sherman Library and Gardens

Camellia Week 2024

Camellia Week
January 22 – 28, 2024

Come and celebrate Sherman Gardens’ Camellia Collection with a week of events and activities.

Sherman Gardens features over 120 different varieties of Camellias. This winter-blooming plant is at its best at the end of January, when the garden will be resplendent with a huge variety of camellia flowers.

Camellia week includes talks, classes and displays for everyone to enjoy. Drop in to see our beautiful Camellia Bloom Table; attend a tour by Sherman Gardens’ Camellia expert, Carol Younger; learn how to create your own bonsai using dwarf camellia or discover how to use camellia flowers to create floral arrangements for the home.  

Don’t forget to simply wander the gardens and enjoy Sherman Gardens’ Camellia Collection.

Events and Activities

Exhibit: Camellia Bloom Table

Talk and Tour: Sherman Gardens Collection

Demonstration: Camellia Floral Arrangements for the Home

Class: Camellia Bonsai

Walk: Stroll the garden and enjoy the Sherman Camellia Collection

Buy: Camellia Plant Sale at the Garden Shop