Mission, Vision, Values

The Sherman Library & Gardens is a non-profit that has been deeply rooted in Orange County for over half of a century, serving the community as a sanctuary and education beacon for history, horticulture and the arts. Founded in 1966 by Arnold Haskell, and named for his friend and mentor, Moses Hazeltine Sherman, this iconic institution serves as a guardian of regional history and artifacts, a living library of plants both native and exotic, and a conservator of artistic works influenced by and produced in the Pacific Southwest.


Sherman Library & Gardens provides inspiration, education, and appreciation of regional history, horticulture, and the arts for all.


Sherman Library & Gardens endeavors to be the premier resource for ecotonal horticulture and historical collections of the Pacific Southwest, and strives to enrich people’s lives through educational and artistic experiences.



Provide equal access and opportunities to horticulture, history, and arts through education and experience.


Cultivate and inspire creativity through engagement of all five senses.


Cultivate a sense of belonging through shared experiences, exploration, and connectivity.


Practice, demonstrate, and encourage environmental stewardship.


Respect and recognize the historical significance of the art, library and living collections within the unique character of the site and our place in the community.


Recognition as a premier cultural hub in the community through greater support, participation, and impact.