Art & Exhibits

Sherman Gardens’ lush garden setting plays host to an array of festivals, programs and Art displays.

Upcoming exhibits in 2020 include:

Jungle Junk Critters

February 1st through March 31st

A pop-up exhibit in the Tropical Conservatory that will be on display in February and March. This eco-friendly installation features, Ron Yeo, a local Corona del Mar artists and master recycler. Ron is here to prove “one man’s Junk is another man’s treasure”.

People like to call Repurposed art a variety of names:Urban art, Junk art, Found art, Funk art, Trash art, Weird art, but Ron likes to call it FUN ART! He says “ I take found and collected items that were destined for the landfill or that would be washed into the ocean and re-imagine them with a new purpose as FUN ART!”

Sculptura Botanica

May 1st through September 15th

A site specific art installation by ceramic artist and landscape designer Dustin Gimbel. This interactive all original exhibit will be on display from May 1st through September 15th.

Dustin Gimbel Local landscape designer and ceramic artist will be bringing us his artistic vision with Sculptura Botanica, a botanically themed installation of sculptures throughout our gardens. Stemming from a lifetime fascination with plants, a career in horticulture, and a more recent obsession with ceramics, the exhibition will explore botanical forms from the familiar to the obscure, and will have visitors rethinking how they see about plants and their structures. This sculpture exhibition promises to engage the senses through sight, sound, touch and smell with interactive features.  We’re all looking forward to see how Dustin transforms our gardens this spring and summer.

Dustin takes inspiration from the plants and turns that into ceramic art.  Here is a preview of the upcoming exhibit and a peek into Dustin’s creative process.

Past exhibits:





Metaling in the Garden


Year Bombing