Arts Collection

Sherman Library & Gardens’ art collection primary focus is plen air paintings by area artists.  Displayed in the library are paintings by notable artists, including William Wendt, Anna Hills, Clarence Hinkle, Rex Brandt, Joan Irving, Edgar Payne Frank Cuprian, and Jean Mannheim. Arnold Haskell, founder of Sherman Library & Gardens personally collected many of these pieces in the 1970s.

painting of old footbridge

Arts & Exhibits

Sherman Gardens lush garden setting plays host to an array of festivals, programs and Art displays. Whether sculptures in the Gardens, like the 2017 glass sculpture exhibit, Glasscapes, or pop art crowd pleasers like 2019’s Kickin’ Back, it’s never the same place twice!

Historical Exhibit

Sherman Gardens has various interesting bits of history related to the surrounding areas. Images of when the circus was in town as well as items such as an old map of Corona Del Mar.