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West Coast Road Trip Atlas & Postcards $44.00
California Dreaming Playing Cards $17.25
Nathan Turner's: I Love California * Live, Eat and Entertain the West Coast Way. $44.00
California Living & Eating $32.50
Palm Springs Holiday Book & 1000 Piece Puzzle $50.00

The Sherman Library & Gardens Garden Shop is located in a quaint and cozy adobe building at the entrance to the Gardens along Pacific Coast Highway.

The Garden Shop carries items of interest for all garden visitors:

  • home gardening enthusiasts
  • landscape and interior designers
  • horticulturists
  • plant lovers everywhere

The Garden Shop also offers a variety of unique and interesting flower and garden-related gift items. You will find a wonderful selection of:

  • greeting cards
  • note cards
  • kitchenware
  • recipe and garden books
  • beautifully designed paper goods
  • unique and beautiful plants
garden shop merchandise

Contact Information:

Phone: (949) 673-0920
Fax: (949) 675-5458
E-mail: [email protected]


10:30am – 4pm Daily