Community Service Opportunity

Sherman Library Community Service Opportunity

Apply by August 15

Sherman Library is excited to welcome late-summer and fall community service volunteers to assist with developing the library’s digital catalog! This opportunity is perfect for high school upperclassmen, college students, or community members looking to fulfill community service or internship requirements.


  • Assisting with building an inventory of books
  • Learning foundations of library operations
  • Assisting library staff with key tasks: greeting the public, wayfinding, organizing shelves, and overall collection management
  • Requirement: Must be computer-literate and comfortable working in spreadsheets


  • Access to Sherman Library & Gardens during the duration of internship
  • Education in library processes and implementation of database systems
  • Work in a historic building in a relaxed, teaching environment
  • Flexibility to work with students’ educational institutions to fulfill requirements for graduation or coursework and provide references based on performance


  • Opportunity is unpaid but can be utilized for school credit or extracurriculars for students
  • Timing and length are flexible through summer and fall 2023 to work with students’ schedules
  • Minimum age to apply is 17 years old, or a rising junior in high school

How to Apply (deadline August 15):

We hope to work with you!