California Native Plant Expo

Native Plant Tour of the Sherman Garden | Sherman Library & Gardens

California Native Plant Expo 


Sunday, April 21, 2024
10:30 am – 4 pm  

Find out about the incredible range of plants that naturally thrive in our beautiful SoCal landscape. Preserving native plants helps protect the biodiversity of California and supports native wildlife. 

Local experts, The Orange County Chapter of the California Native Plant Society and the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Master Gardeners, will be on hand to answer your questions, let you know where to see these plants in our local landscape, and explain the benefits of using naturally drought-tolerant plants in your home landscaping.

Moosa Creek Nursery and Tree of Life Nursery will have a selection of plants for sale and will be ready to give you plenty of advice about successfully growing and designing using these versatile plants.

Celebrate Earth Day with a new California Native Plant for your home!

Talks and Tours:  Free with Garden Admission, Drop In. 

Morning Tour @ 11 am 
Native Plant Tour of Sherman Gardens 

Take a tour of the garden with Horticulturist, Amy Dolim, and find out how many California native plants are incorporated into the Sherman Library & Gardens design. Preserving native plants helps protect the biodiversity of California and supports native wildlife. Pick up some ideas and advice about the needs of these important drought-tolerant plants.

Afternoon Tour @ 1 pm
Conserving Calochortus: How Public Gardens Can Play a Role in Native Species Conservation 
Presented by Kyle Cheesborough, Sherman Gardens’ Horticulture Director

Even small gardens can make a big splash in plant conservation. The beautiful Calochortus (commonly known as the Mariposa Lily) is under threat as our land use and climate evolves. At Sherman Library & Gardens the horticulture staff are currently working to record, collect, and propagate various Calochortus species endemic to Southern California. During summer 2023 Kyle led field trips with staff and interns to locate and collect seed with the goal of growing plants for Sherman Gardens. Through partnerships with fellow institutions, this project seeks to better understand the threats to this genus and secure the future of these plants in our region by incorporating them into living collections at public gardens. Join Kyle to learn more about the project and this beautiful plant.