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Sherman Library Interns

Sherman Library Interns

Every fall quarter Sherman Library partners together with the history department at UCI to give their interns hands-on experience working with the library’s historic archives. This fall Sherman Library was fortunate to host three student interns: Yitang Zhang, Katelin Ramos, and Chloe Wilson. Every week, they have been helping further Sherman Library’s efforts to maintain and preserve its collections. Below is a brief biography and description of their current work.

Yitang Zhang,a 4th year student double-majoring in history and political science, has a strong interest in archival work. Yitang is familiar working with digital resources thanks to her coursework, so she came to Sherman Library looking to work with primary sources. So, here at Sherman Library she has been tasked with archiving a large mid-century scrapbook collection that focuses on the history of California counties, spanning from 1961 to 1969. The scrapbooks contain original letters, photographs, and vintage postcards. Yitang shared, “Aside from learning more about California’s local history, the work also gives me insight into the various historical research available. It has even inspired me to pursue my own interest in local history.”

Hailing from Long Beach, California, Katelin Ramos is studying psychological science and history. She wanted to intern at Sherman Library to gain experience at an archive and pursue her interests in making sources and historical knowledge more accessible. At Sherman Library, she has been cataloging the library’s extensive map collection as well as observing and practicing the preservation of history and primary sources. She shares, “being an intern here, my curiosity and passion for regional and local history has grown. With the map collection primarily consisting of the Pacific Southwest, including northern Mexico, it has been fascinating to see the change from where my family from Mexico have lived, to the change of my community in Long Beach. It makes my drive from Irvine to Long Beach every weekend much more exciting.”

Chloe Wilson is currently a third-year history major from the San Gabriel Valley, less than half an hour from Los Angeles and mere minutes away from the Huntington Library. As a result, she’s long had a strong fondness for similar institutions and local history. It was these interests that drew her to Sherman Library & Gardens. Working in the archives, Chloe enjoys exploring the history of Southwestern America—especially Southern California—through the perspectives of developing cities and infrastructure across the years. She says her favorite parts about interning at the Sherman Library & Gardens is the pleasant environment and the opportunity to interact with and learn about primary documents.