Tea Garden Plant List – Sherman Library and Gardens

Tea Garden Plant List

Originally referred to as the ‘Coffee Garden’, the Tea Garden’s focal point is a Moorish-style tile fountain.  Planting beds along the garden’s boundary highlight Camellias, while strongly scented tea olive is unavoidable when in bloom.  Ornamental vines adorn the surrounding arbor, and the hanging baskets feature the garden’s phenomenal fuchsia collection. 

Alstroemeria hybrid

Family Name: Alstroemeriaceae
Common Name: Peruvian Lily

Breynia nivosa var. roseopicta

Family Name: Phyllanthaceae
Common Name: Snowbush

Brunfelsia americana

Family Name: Solanaceae
Common Name: Lady-of-the-Night Brunfelsia

Camellia granthamiana

Family Name: Theaceae
Common Name: Grantham’s Camellia

Camellia ‘Yume’

Family Name: Theaceae
Common Name: Yume Sasanqua Camellia

Cyclamen persicum ‘Absolu de Morel’

Family Name: Primulaceae
Common Name: Absolu de Morel Cyclamen

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Candy Apple’

Family Name: Hydrangeaceae
Common Name: Candy Apple Hydrangea

Rhododendron ‘Marshall Pierce Madison’

Family Name: Ericaceae
Common Name: Marshall Pierce Madison Vireya

Streptocarpella saxorum

Family Name: Gesneriaceae
Common Name: False African violet

Streptocarpus hybrid

Family Name: Gesneriaceae
Common Name: Cape Primrose