Specimen Shade Garden Plant List – Sherman Library and Gardens

Specimen Shade Garden Plant List

Specimen Shade Garden Plant List

Under the shade of the looming lathe-work, low-light plants from around the world thrive.  Vireya rhododendrons blossom through the spring and summer, shade-loving palms and tree ferns create a living canopy, and numerous understory shrubs, perennials, and tropical plants thrive in the shadows of larger plants.  The bulk of the Gardens’ begonia collection is housed here.   

Abutilon ‘Victor Reiter’

Family Name: Malvaceae
Common Name: Flowering Maple

Acalypha reptans

Family Name: Euphorbiaceae
Common Name: Dwarf Chenille

Bletilla striata

Family Name: Orchidaceae
Common Name: Chinese Ground Orchid

Chambeyronia macrocarpa

Family Name: Arecaceae
Common Name: Flamethrower Palm

Clivia miniata hybrid

Family Name: Amaryllidaceae
Common Name: Natal Lily

Ficus dammaropsis

Family Name: Moraceae
Common Name: Dinnerplate Fig

Fuchsia paniculata

Family Name: Onagraceae
Common Name:  Fuchsia

Iresine herbstii

Family Name: Amaranthaceae
Common Name: Bloodleaf

Musa x paradisiaca ‘Ae Ae’ Veriegata

Family Name: Musaceae
Common Name: Variegated Banana

Rhododendron austrinum

Family Name: Ericaceae
Common Name: Florida Flame Azalea

Rhododendron ‘Marshall Pierce Madison’

Family Name: Ericaceae
Common Name: Marshall Pierce Madison Vireya

Veltheimia bracteata

Family Name: Asparagaceae
Common Name: Forest Lily