Formal Garden Border Plant List

Formal Garden Plant List

With a central landscape bed featuring symmetrical plantings, the Formal Garden takes a contemporary spin on the traditional definition of a ‘formal’ garden.  Edible plants are utilized in ornamental seasonal displays, with surrounding beds highlighting permanent specimen plants like the Bodhi tree, Mexican fig, and false aralia.

Aloysia virgata

Family Name: Verbenaceae
Common Name: Sweet Almond Verbena
Provenance: Central Argentina, Brazil, and Peru

Hedychium coccineum

Family Name: Zingiberaceae
Common Name: Ginger Lily
Provenance: China

Camellia sinensis

Family Name: Theaceae
Common Name: Tea Plant
Provenance: Southeast Asia

Capsicum annum ‘Royal Black’

Family Name: Solanaceae
Common Name: Ornamental Pepper

Capsicum annum ‘Fish’

Family Name: Solanaceae
Common Name: Fish Pepper

Coffea arabica

Family Name: Rubiaceae
Common Name: Arabian Coffee
Provenance: Ethiopia

Farfugium japonicum var. giganteum

Family Name: Asteraceae
Common Name: Giant Ligularia
Provenance: Japan

Ficus petiolaris

Family Name: Moraceae
Common Name: Rock Fig
Provenance: Mexico

Lamium maculatum ‘White Nancy’

Family Name: Lamiaceae
Common Name: Spotted Dead-Nettle

Rumex sanguineus

Family Name: Polygonaceae
Common Name: Red-veined Dock
Provenance: Europe, southwestern Asia, and northern Africa

Sechium edule

Family Name: Cucurbitaceae
Common Name: Chayote
Provenance: Mesoamerica

Syzygium jambos

Family Name: Myrtaceae
Common Name: Rose Apple
Provenance: Southeast Asia