Central Garden Beds Plant List – Sherman Library and Gardens

Central Garden Beds Plant List

Comprised of seasonal plantings, perennial borders, and collections-oriented displays, the Central Garden welcomes visitors with dynamic designs of color, texture, and form, while featuring a number of our Camellias and various palms. 

Bellis perennis ‘Galaxy White’

Family Name: Asteraceae
Common Name: Galaxy White English Daisy

Brassica oleracea ‘White’

Family Name: Brassicaceae
Common Name: White Ornamental Cabbage

Digitalis purpurea ‘Dalmatian Peach’

Family Name: Plantaginaceae
Common Name: Dalmatian Peach Foxglove

Nemesia hybrida ‘Premier Rose Yellow’

Family Name: Scrophulariaceae
Common Name: Hybrid Nemesia

Pelargonium x hortorum ‘Appleblossom’

Family Name: Geraniaceae
Common Name: Appleblossom Zonal Geranium

Viola cornuta ‘Honeybee’

Family Name: Violaceae
Common Name: Honeybee Viola

Viola x wittrockriana

Family Name: Violaceae
Common Name: Sangria Pansy