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Carnivorous Plants

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Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants have long fascinated plant enthusiasts, well before Charles Darwin published the first truly popular and widespread book ‘Insectivorous Plants’ discussing the known carnivorous species and their adaptations to… Read More »

The Broms

Bromeliads are one of the most spectacular groups in the new world tropics, occupying many of the harshest habitats across the Americas. With around 3,500 species currently accepted, the Bromeliaceae… Read More »

Mandalas in Nature

Landscape Gardener Tim Chadd at one time designed and replanted Sherman Library & Gardens’ modern formal garden as a living mandala with butter lettuce, thyme, and bok choy. The word… Read More »

Horsefeathers in Horticulture

Starve a cold and feed a fever. Don’t cross your eyes too long or they’ll get stuck that way. Always wait thirty minutes after eating before swimming. Drinking coffee in… Read More »